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GUEST – Joe Delaney, Founder Ready-Set-Sports

Provider Summary – Ready-Set-Sports was established in 2014 and offers youth sports in Loudon and Prince William County for boys and girls age 4-12. Ready-Set-Sports does not have a brick and mortar location, they rent field and court space throughout the community.

“In some instances the program that has been around the longest or has the most amount of players is not necessarily the best fit for your child or your family. Just ask Joe Delaney, Founder of Ready-Set-Sports. According to Joe, shared values and culture are what create a successful program for Ready-Set-Sports families. We recently caught up with Joe and learned more about him, Ready-Set-Sports and their programs.


KAA – Can you share with us how you came about founding Ready-Set-Sports?

RSS – In 2014 we had three children under 6 years old and had already begun exposing our 6-year-old twins to various sports in Loudoun County. Frankly we were not overly impressed with some of the programs, coaches, and facilities so we thought we could create a better program for children and improve both the child’s experience and the parent’s experience.


KAA – You mentioned your twins, what sports had you exposed them to at that time?

RSS – Like a lot of parents we had tried t-ball, soccer, flag football, swimming, and dance. In our estimation it was the age-appropriate sports and activities offered at that time


KAA – Now that it has been 4 or 5 years since you founded Ready-Set-Sports what do you feel you do differently then the other providers?

RSS – I would like to think we do a number of things better then other providers. That is not to say the other providers are not good at what they are doing, we just think we are more focused on the child and parental experience.


KAA – You mention “parental experience”. What do you mean by that?

RSS – We realize that the child is the participant in the program but we also know that parents are pulled in a lot of different directions. It is for that reason that we try very hard to set expectations for parents early on so that they are informed from the day they register until the last day of the program.


KAA – Can you give our readers an example?

RSS – Sure, we think you almost have to over communicate to parents. What I mean by that is we want to make sure parents understand what we are trying to achieve on the field or on the court. We like to start almost all of our sessions by gathering parents to let them know what our plan is for that session. Another example of us setting expectations is by sending out “in-between” communications from week to week. We recognize that parents and players cant always make it to a session so we like to summarize the past week’s session and let parents know what we intend to do for the upcoming session.


KAA – What makes the experience different or better for the children?

RSS – I think it begins with culture. Our culture is built around healthy competitive play, a curriculum of learning, and fun for the players.


KAA – What does a Flag Football curriculum look like?

RSS – For all of our age groups and all of our sessions we know exactly what we plan to do before the session starts. We know players learn as they go and from week to week their foundation of learning expands. We are constantly teaching. We give our coaches the tools to be successful teachers and coaches.


KAA – When do you offer your programs and what do you have coming up?

RSS – Our programs are between 6-8 weeks long and we offer sessions only on weekends. We are accepting registrations now for our Fall 2018 Flag Football program.


KAA – Why do you only have sessions on the weekend?

RSS – One of our values as a family and as a business is that we believe over exposing children before middle school to one sport, multiple times a week is probably not in the best interest of the child. Our feeling is that children could be participating in another sport, an academic program or arts program. Participating in other programs creates other interests for the child and the family.


KAA – Find more information about Ready-Set-Sports at and on FaceBook.